Posting comments onto a blog or blogging or blogs in general, came about at the time when ordinary people like us needed a platform to create our own little website as we did not have the knowledge or the know how to build our own websites.

Blogs enable ordinary people to be able to build their own little website and comment on it and upload pictures to it with minimum fuss. It has its own layout interface which lets you add text, graphics and other things and then be able to move them around where you want them with the mouse, it then has other goodies that you can use such as cool templates which can be applied to your blog which are really just the fancy backgrounds and pictures that you see on some blogs that seem to have been programmed into the page, there are different page elements that can be added to a blog such as these pictures and text we spoke about at the click of a mouse. No need to know any special internet or programming skills, not required and it is a free start !
If you are planning to start somewhere on the internet and you do not want to pay for anything then for all intents and purposes it would be best to begin by setting up a free blog. This will enable you to practice your skills without paying for your own web site address. After you sign up for a free blog then you can begin posting your own unique pictures and stories and begin to take steps to make money out of your efforts. It's quick, fun and easy to get started! The blog service is provided by google and is a free service, you need to create a free google account if you do not already have one.

This is a blog that you are busy reading it serves as an example of what you will be looking to achieve. The first steps to get started right now would be as follows:

1. Visit or

2. Click on the “Sign up” button on the top right hand side.

3. Sign up for a free google account if you do not have one already, fill in all the details then accept the terms and click on continue.

4. Give your blog a title- Name it whatever you like eg: My Blog About Space and then type in a blog address eg: mynewblogaboutspace then Check Availability, if it reports that the name is taken then try another one such as: mynewblogaboutspace2013 and recheck availability, the page will inform you when it is available, when this is done click on continue.

5. Once you have been through the sign up process then the page should report that your blog has been created! You can now continue to blogger, create your first blog and start Blogging! You will choose a title and an internet address for the blog and you may choose one of the free templates if you wish to do so.

6. Begin to put your content on the blog – “Posts” allows you to put up comments which people can read or respond to. You can see there are different tabs on the side, familiarise yourself with these, the layout tab allows you to arrange the elements on the page. You can use the preview tab as you go along and edit each entry to see how the blog will look. The add a gadget tab on the layout page allows you to add new page elements which you can save and preview. On the layout tab you can drag the elements around with the mouse and place them where you want them to be then preview again. The add a gadget option then text option allows you to add content on the blog, there are options to add pictures and much more.

7. Update the blog regularly with new pictures and content. Once the blog begins to take shape and you are happy with what it looks like you will be ready to monetise the blog. It is advisable to read the blogger help section so you understand the terms and conditions of using the blog. You will notice a small button that looks like a bicycle cog on the top right hand side if you click on there you can access the blogger help section. The “blogger getting started guide” is on the left hand side.

1. Set up your free blog.
2. Decide what you would like to blog about.
3. Create the blog using your text and pictures.
4. Post or write new content reasonably often.
5. Advertise quality products that relate to your blogs content.
6. Promote your blog.
1. Your own special hobby or interest, remember you can have photos or videos to support you especially if you are showing people how you make something.

Example ideas for a blog:

Latest movie blog with comments, how to do woodwork, how to repair and work with computers, the home baking blog, blog about movies or movie stars, etc etc, the list is endless, think about your own interests and remember you can have a number of different free blogs if you so choose. The key is to blog about something that interests you and about a topic you enjoy or are familiar with.

A common misconception is that "everyone is doing it" or that the "internet is saturated" nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that even the biggest blogger on the planet Mr John Chow is making upwards of $40 000 a month from his blog and as he mentions there is still much room for growth so do not give up!

Additional Information for bloggers.

In time you will grow and develop then you can start exploring ways to get people to visit your blog, this can be achieved in various ways, the more visits your blog receives the more chance you have of making money, happy blogging ! We cover various methods on how to go about attracting visitors though the basic rule is to write often and that alone will see to it that you will achieve better results.
The internet contains blogs of all descriptions. On a lot of these you will find advertising or products for sale, you can also advertise on your blog and it's also free!

If one has a blog that they wish to advertise on then popular advertising methods can easily be adopted. This will also not cost you anything all you need is a computer and your internet connection!

We cover the various methods in the next section, for those that are new to this people that make use of these free services to promote products are generally called "affiliate marketers".

Google adsense

Adsense is google's advertising product. How it works is that they place adverts on your blog then when a person clicks on the adverts or in some cases makes a purchase you earn a commission, you can enable this option automatically by visiting the earnings tab once you have set up your own free blog.

Amazon Associates is the world's largest online retailer selling DVDs, CDs, MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry and other products. Amazon Associates lets you earn money by advertising products on your blog. Once again this is free and one merely signs up for the amazon associates program to get started.

Ebay - Blog Poster

Ebay is one of the largest consumer to consumer websites,another multi billion dollar industry and you can sign up for free! As long as you have an eBay account and a blog, this application will let your active eBay sale listings to be posted on the blog with a few clicks of a mouse and by entering your email and password associated with the blog.


ClickBank is an affiliate marketing website that allows blog publishers (you) to earn money by promoting digital products. Every time a reader clicks one of your affiliate links and purchases a product, you earn a commission. Sign up with ClickBank and find a product that you want to promote. Create an affiliate link and add it to a post on Blogger to begin promoting the product and possibly earning money.
There are many ways to promote your blog, very many to be precise. As an example let us say that your blog is to do with painting and that your blogs internet address is then that is the link that you advertise so that people can visit it.

Popular methods are via email, on facebook, twitter, ezine articles, go articles, other blogs or in the forums. Usually you will write an article about it or a short description of what you have to offer and then provide the link so that people can visit your blog.

For example you may send an email to your friends and say, Hey guys check out my new blog about paintings and then include the link to the blog therefore allowing people to click on the link and then visit your blog. The more places you place the link to your blog the more chance you have of people visiting it.

Usually you would promote it on places where other people would have an interest in paintings, in other words promoting a blog about paintings on a forum that deals with baking fruit cakes would not work well so you need to apply a bit of logic in the process.

As long as you are proactive in promoting your link where other parties would take an interest you should be able to generate a fair amount of traffic to your blog.

Today’s hot blogger topics from us for free as usual.

Think about the economy then now think about all the people that still have money to spend, what are they spending money on? Gardening, food, luxury hi tech goods, Cars, Investments, Housing improvements, do you fit in there somewhere or get any of your own blogging ideas as yet? Ok then how about blogging about aircraft or dollhouses or pets or finances or IT skills or travelling or making curtains? Think what your interests are and blog about that! Best of luck guys!
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